Yi_Chen_Composition - As the story goes on the change slowly erase this division After his brother read the news paper about Sonny’s arrest on

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[] Name: Yi Chen Response to Sonny’s Blues Sonny mentally gave up on heroin after his emotional satisfaction had been fulfilled; his only difficulty is the physical reliance on drug. Regardless of physical needs, it’s remarkable that he got rid of drug emotionally. Sonny became addicted under the influence of Harlem pressure, racial politics, and social exclusion of 1957. As a change taken place in the story, Sonny started to build an appropriate relationship with his friends. His brother also began to understand Sonny’s life. This gave him and recognition of himself. As a result, Sonny became emotionally abundant and free of drug. Sonny lives in Harlem, where people face the peer pressure on drug. Sonny and his brother had been apart for a long time. His brother has perfect life in contrast with Sonny’s. The author purposely made the contrast to draw a line across two separate world.
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Unformatted text preview: As the story goes on, the change slowly erase this division. After his brother read the news paper about Sonny’s arrest on news in subway, he started to understand the pain and stress that Sonny’s had gone through. This serves as recognition from the family’s point of view for Sonny. Sonny, himself, has become emotionally abundant at the end of the story. This only happened after he had previous two changes. It also serves a great point on his giving up on heroin. At the end of the story, the author implied by writing that while Sonny’s playing piano, his brother brought milk with hard liquid. The mild stands for the free of drug emotionally. But the hard liquid symbolize the physical reliance on heroin is still there. The piano is also a symbol of drug free....
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