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rome1 worksheet-1 - Dates Below are cryptic clues...

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Rome Worksheet Part 1 During the Roman Republic and Early Empire wall paintings were popular. Later scholars divided them into four styles. Describe each of the four styles: First Style Second Style Third Style Fourth Style How and where were these numerous frescos discovered? What building material most affected Roman architecture? A groin vault is defined as The Pont du Gard is an example of an aqueduct. What is an aqueduct? Which city built by the Romans did Pont du Gard serve? The most pronounced influence of Greek Classical art could be seen in work done for which emperor? Explain some of the unusual features of Domus Aurea: The emperor Vespasian commissioned the building of which famous structure? What building type would be located in a forum and house the law court for the city?
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Unformatted text preview: Dates Below are cryptic clues associated with some of the dates during this time frame. Write the correct date next to the clue. AR107 Rome Worksheet 1 Page 1 Name: AR107 Art History I Germantown Campus Montgomery College Fall 2011 Write date here Clue The sky is falling (ashes) Etruscans out, Republic in Fire! 1 st of 100 days of games Its an Imperial world now (that is empire begins) Image Commentary: Study the image and complete the information below. Name and Location of piece Time frame image was created (approximate date or period) Medium(s) or material(s) used Explain the meaning of the piece including iconographic symbols Explain the political significance of the piece: AR107 Rome Worksheet 1 Page 2...
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rome1 worksheet-1 - Dates Below are cryptic clues...

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