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Lai Yin Win BT 117 ( assignment ) Professor Kelman Fall 2011 I am going to use Fetal Bovine Serum ( which is a biosafty level 1 ) as my cell culture to get my primary cell culture for the new therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma ( HCC ). What I need is to get primary cell line from the fetal serum from cows. I am going to do this process in vitro. First, I am going to get the fetal bovine serum, then I am going to remove the unwanted material from that serum by using different types of suitable enzymes until I get the primary cell line. The reason that I am using this fetal bovine serum is that, the main cause of HCC is due to some Hepatitis viruses especially B and C, and those viruses can easily grown in fetal blood and tissue, and I am also believed that
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Unformatted text preview: serum is the best media for the cells to grow. Using serum is a good source because I can easily determine the liver function by looking at the presence of different enzymes in the blood and serum. I also think that using cow's fetal serum can also be a good source as it is quite close to the human fetal serum in composition. So, it is a very suitable model.There can be a lot of limitations like a huge potential for contamination as blood and blood products are a good source for microbes to grow. As concern with the cost, although there will be some what cost for getting this fetal bovine serum, but as compare to others, it will be a lot less price than others. There will be a high availability and ease of use for that with less ethical issues....
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