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breast feeding-1 - Lai Yin Win EN 102(Counterargument(Essay...

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Lai Yin Win EN 102 (Counterargument (Essay) Professor Quaye Fall 2011 Every Mother Should Breastfeed their Kids Children are a gift that should be cherished. Nothing in the world is more wonderful than waking up to a little ‘angel’ smiling beside you. Children bring joy into our lives. As parents, it is our duty to see to their security, warmth, and most of all, healthy lifestyle. Breastfeeding is an irreplaceable gift that a mother could give to her child. It creates a bond between the mother and child that will last forever. The World Health Organization encourages mothers who have infants to breastfeed their children for at least six months after birth. Breast milk is said to be an important nutritional choice for infants, because it promotes growth, promotes development and also improves health. Studies have shown that formula fed children have a higher risk to experience different kinds of diseases that could be prevented by receiving breast milk. That means mommy's sweet milk is the best ever. Breastfeeding is very important to promote an infant growth, helps to prevent sickness, yet, it is not expensive and natural. There are challenges associated with breastfeeding that lead to mothers giving their children infant formula. Nowadays, there is a rumor among people that breastfeeding can give sagging breasts. Most women try to avoid breastfeeding
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breast feeding-1 - Lai Yin Win EN 102(Counterargument(Essay...

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