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Liang Wang Professor Anderson TCOM 2060 Week 10: Should global standards be set for intellectual property rights, harmonizing the regimes of different countries into a single, global, intellectual property rights regime? When I came to the USA, I found that the movies and songs have a price if you want to download them, and when you want to give some quotation from some book or website you also need to give a clear works cited. This is not the case in China. We can download them without having to pay. In China, there is a limitation on the importing of movies and songs and going to cinema is a luxury thing for ordinary people. From the internet, we can get whatever movies and songs we want without any fee. I really thought it was a convenient thing for users. In comparing to the situation in China and the United States, an important question came up in my mind: is downloading illegal? From the intellectual property rights to analyze this question, the answer is “Yes.” It is very simple example about the intellectual property, but
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