1102 early schooling and your family - Piao Lina Dr Race...

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Piao, Lina Dr. Race 08/23/07 Who I Am As a Reader and Writer Many experiences in my life have made me the reader and writer I am today. I like reading and writing now. To tell the truth, I used not to like them. However, fate arranged me to be in a Technical Communication major, and I did try hard to do much work when I was in Chinese university. Now everything is getting better. I was born in China as a Korean minority. Before I went to school, my parents were rather busy. They had no time to look after me. My grandma babysat me and at that time, I could only speak Korean. From time to time, Mother would bring back some comics for me. The comics was the only spiritual food for me until one day Mother brought back a book called The Making of A Hero written by a Russian writer Nikolai Ostrovsky. However, because my horizon was not enough to understand what the author wanted to tell, I was just interested in the Pavel Korchagin and Donia’s love story. When I was put into school, I had more chances to read books. The first one I remember was Sherlock Holmes. I used one day to finish reading that. When I came to the end, I was so sad to see there were no pages more. He once was my idol! There was no such case that he could not deal with.
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1102 early schooling and your family - Piao Lina Dr Race...

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