1102 Develop an informal - flows past my house. Does the...

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Lina, Piao Doctor Race ENG 1102 October 23, 2007 Response of the Unit 2 In this unit, the texts that impress me much are the pictures of Golden Gate Bridge photographed by Richard Misrach. Six photos in total, all about Golden Gate Bridge, even from the same angle, yet none looks like one of the other. The photographer took those photos at different time, and what presents in front of us are very different Golden Gate Bridges. Some are in the dust, some in the darkness, some in the fog and some under heavy clouds. The bridge itself does not change at all, but when the change of nature decorates on it, it changes, too. Things are like this. They themselves may not change, but from our perspective, they do because of adjunctive changes. My room, to me, always changes. Sometimes, I like it very much because it is tidy, but sometimes I even do not want to step back into it because there is a mess. For this unit, I wrote a about a river, which quietly
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Unformatted text preview: flows past my house. Does the river change? No. It flows the way it used to flow, but what changed it is people. It is now contaminated, becomes brown in color. Everyone knows the world changes. During the last 20 years, I have felt the great changes of China. From poor to not poor, from uptown to downtown, my family moved and became different. Change is everywhere; change is every time. What we see may be change now, but it will or it is changing because of the other related things, but you do not know, and that is it. My mother, to me, never changed. I am so familiar to her. She accompanied me growing. Now she is older in fact. Sometimes, I just do not like to see the world by the perspective of change, yet the world does. I am learning to accept those changes because these are inevitable. Things are always changing. I admit....
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1102 Develop an informal - flows past my house. Does the...

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