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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 91 FERC ¶ 61,230 FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION Before Commissioners: James J. Hoecker, Chairman; William L. Massey, Linda Breathitt, and Curt Hébert, Jr. TransEnergie U.S., Ltd. Docket No. ER00-1-000 ORDER APPROVING PROPOSAL SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS (Issued June 1, 2000) TransEnergie U.S., Ltd. (TransEnergie) proposes to construct a merchant transmission facility by installing an undersea high-voltage direct current cable between Connecticut and Long Island, New York. TransEnergie requests that the Commission approve its proposal for transmission service over the cable. It further requests that the Commission grant TransEnergie blanket authority to make sales of firm transmission capacity. In this order, the Commission grants TransEnergie's request, subject to conditions. Background TransEnergie is the United States transmission development subsidiary of a division of Hydro-Quebec, a utility with generation and transmission facilities located in the province of Quebec, Canada. On October 1, 1999, TransEnergie filed with the Commission, pursuant to section 205 of the Federal Power Act (FPA), 16 U.S.C. § 824d, a petition for an order accepting a tariff offering non-discriminatory transmission service over a 26-mile undersea high-voltage, bi-directional, direct current (DC) cable it proposes to build underneath the Long Island Sound to connect the control areas of the New York Independent System Operator (New York ISO) and the New England Independent System Operator (New England ISO). Additionally, TransEnergie requested that the Commission grant blanket authority to make sales of transmission capacity and "such waivers and authorizations as have been granted by the Commission in similar circumstances." 1 In its petition, TransEnergie states that its proposed Cross-Sound Cable (CSC) Interconnector will connect the 345 kilovolt bulk power New England ISO system at a 1 TransEnergie Petition at 1.
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Docket No. ER00-1-00 - 2 - terminal near New Haven, Connecticut with the 138 kilovolt bulk power New York ISO system on Long Island at a terminal near the site of the decommissioned Shoreham nuclear power station. In addition to the 26 miles of buried cable, the facilities will also include land-based high-voltage direct current converter terminal facilities. TransEnergie explains that the cable will be a fully-controlled, direct current electric transmission line and will not be integrated with the alternating current (AC) transmission grids located at either end of the line. TransEnergie states that it has purchased all right-of-ways necessary for constructing the facility. The planned in-service date for the project is May 2002. TransEnergie states that its proposed tariff is modeled on a power sale tariff, but also includes some aspects of the Order No. 888 pro forma tariff. Specifically, TransEnergie notes that it has included in its proposed tariff provisions for the implementation of a secondary market in tradable transmission rights and that it will
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