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JUNE 6, 2000 ' 2000 FT ENERGY Math TransEnergie-Style: One Plus One Equals Profits Merchant Transmission Line Wins Approval New England-New York Power Prices a Draw Concept May Work in the Southwest and Florida ENERGY INSIGHT By Rick Stouffer [email protected] Merchant power plants, constructed to fill an electricity need-at a price-soon could be joined by another offshoot of industry deregulation: the merchant transmission line. TransEnergie U.S. Ltd., the Westborough, MA-based unit of Canada’s power behe- moth Hydro-Quebec, has received conditional approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build a 26-mile underwater transmission line between New Haven, CT, and Shoreham, NY, on Long Island. If TransEnergie complies with FERC’s requests, including detailing how it will offer service over the 600 MW transfer capacity line and agreeing to join a regional trans- mission organization once available, environmental permits from New York and Con- necticut soon will be sought. The high-voltage, direct-current line is expected to be serviceable by May 2002. As currently designed, costs for the underwater cable will be borne by TransEn- ergie, which will recoup its costs-and make money, it hopes-by serving as a conduit. That means funneling power from New England to Long Island, or vice versa, depending on who’s willing to rent the space. "We’ve been looking at this project, doing analysis and looking at various routing options for the last three years," said James Nash, TransEnergie’s Cross Sound Cable project manager. FEEDING THE ISLAND TransEnergie’s efforts, which will serve as another link between the New England and New York State control areas, were prompted by the Long Island Power Authority’s desire to provide "the Island" with badly needed, additional power.
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EnergyInsight - ENERGY INSIGHT Math TransEnergie-Style One...

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