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Self-Expression in Preschool As children sharpen their verbal skills and become more comfortable with their peers, they feel increasingly capable of expressing their feelings and concerns. The preschool art center is bustling with activity this morning. After tearing strips of colored construction paper into lots of pieces in a self-initiated activity, Addison, a young 3-year-old, happily piles them all in a box on the table. Eyes wide open, she assesses her work, then smiles at her teacher and says, "I did a good job. The box is all full up!" Preschoolers enjoy the challenges of experimenting with a wide variety of media and tools, using them to express their feelings, ideas, and wishes while sharpening their basic skills. For instance, Addison is fascinated to discover that she can control the direction of her paper tears with her fingers. Clearly feeling joyful about her new found success, she uses her emerging verbal abilities to let her teacher know about her feelings of pride. Threes and fours regularly use dramatic play as a way to express their ideas and feelings. Frightened by the Big Bad
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