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Question The wichita county should smoke free or not? Answer There has been the conclusive proof which the smoke free air law may not have the adverse economic problems for the restaurants & bars which are subject to them, but there has been more evidence that the smoke free air laws have the positive effects on bottom line of such businesses. Furthermore, it has been clear that the wichita county which have adopted the smoke free air policies for reaping the great economic advantages from such policies. However, just the negative economic effects of the smoke free air laws & the policies is upon an tobacco industry, that stands of losing the billions of dollars in the profits if such laws & policies have been adopted. Economic impact of the voluntarily eliminating the smoking at the wichita county relates
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Unformatted text preview: to cost savings that the employer may expect after following the smoke free policy. Costs of the smoking in a wichita county consists of the costs which are linked with effects of the smoking on a smoker such as the higher health & the life insurance costs, the higher absenteeism in between the smokers, the lost productivity, high worker compensation payment & the disability & the pre-mature death of the smokers. Eliminating the smoking at the wichita county may reduce such costs in so far as prevalence of the smoking & consumption rate of the smokers have been reduced. Additionally there have been other costs which are linked with the smoking in a workplace, like the enhanced maintenance cost, that the employer may usually expect for avoiding while adopting the smoke free policy....
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