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Prepration for midterm - Copy - Short Answer 1. What is...

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Short Answer 1. What is competitive advantage? Competitive advantage is one of the factors indicating how well your organization or company doing in the existing industry. There are many methods to measure how competitive is your company or organization. Effective measure are depends on your type of business, let’s suppose that you are international freight forward company then the you can measure your competitiveness in the existing industry such as weighed average method (how fast your shipping, distribution centers, and warehouse etc.,). Weighted average method will measure between your company and your rival companies. Competitive advantage is overall company measure that how you are company achieving the mission and vision. 2. What is first mover advantage? What are the advantages and disadvantages? First mover advantage is that how the organization or company approaching the new level of service or product in existing industry. Approaching first mover advantage is very profitable
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Prepration for midterm - Copy - Short Answer 1. What is...

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