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Born In East L.A - Nizar Almakrami CHST/SPAN 354 Chicano...

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Nizar Almakrami CHST/SPAN 354: Chicano Literature Dr. Sara Cooper 15 April 2011 “Born In East L.A” Chicano movies have great stories and have additional unbelievable ideas. “Born in East L.A.” was better than the first of the movie we watched in class. However, the ending message was something I thought could have been done better. The director of this movie wanted to pass a few important messages to both the people and the government. “Born in East L.A.” is a movie that anyone can relate to. This movie is full of different languages, different accents, and different cultures. Throughout the movie, there were many obstacles Rudy, the main character, had to face. Some include: when he was in jail, issues with the immigration office, and trying to pass the border. Moreover, this movie shows the difference culturally between American and Chicano life. “Born in East L.A” is a comedy that was released on August 21, 1987. It was directed by Cheech Marin, of the Cheech & Chong comedy team. Overall, Born In East L.A has enjoyable characters and shows the audience some obstacles and challenges with immigration into the States, but in a funny way. There are two main characters in this movie. Rudy Robles (played by the actor Cheech Marin) is the first important character in this story; a Mexican-American born in East Los Angeles, CA on 1946. The movie begins by showing, Marin’s character, being sent him to bring
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his cousin (Javier) to Downtown LA at a factory. Unfortunately, by the time Rudy gets to the
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Born In East L.A - Nizar Almakrami CHST/SPAN 354 Chicano...

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