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Activity #3 Due: 2/21 InterTeam Memo Sites: none References: MLA Style Sheet or Business Correspondence from Secretarial Handbooks or the back of most dictionaries. For this assignment, each student is required to attend one CSU, Chico College of Business student organization meeting. After attending the meeting, each student must write a short (1 page) memorandum to other students on their team, describing the organization, its purpose, and his/her experience at the meeting. Format must begin with the day, time, and place of the meeting . Students may visit as many different organizations they wish, but will only write a memorandum on one. Plan (ahead of time) which meetings you will attend and when you will attend. You will not receive any credit if the meeting is cancelled and you do not attend another meeting. There are several organizations that qualify for this assignment, so it should not be a problem to find one per group member. They are as follows: Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Society, MIS Society, E-
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