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Assignment 2; Due 3/27 Wal-Mart Report Specifics: Wal-Mart Corporation, the world's largest retailer, has often been in the news lately. It appears that for all of the company's success there are rumblings of the negative impact it has on communities. Your assignment is to write a 5 page (at the minimum) critique on the contributions and detriments of Wal-Mart. First read "Made in America: My Story" by Sam Walton and at least two other referenced sources that laud Wal-Mart for its contributions (that’s a total of three). Then read at least three referenced sources that view Wal-Mart as a detriment to the community fabric of America ( for a grand total of no less than six referenced sources ). Required references need to be news and/or magazine articles . Blogs or Internet sites are OK to use (be sure to cite them) but do not count toward your referenced sources total. In your paper you must develop the pros and cons of the argument. In the end I want you to reach a reasoned conclusion that leads the reader to believe Wal-
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