Activity 10 - therefore its workers will have the ability to do many necessities for free It allows the workers have their pets in their offices

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Mohammed Alkhalifah BADM 101 1 May 2008 Captain Morgan Exploring Careers Google is the best place to work for according to its practices provides. The number of applications of getting job that Google receives every day can demonstrate so. Employees at Google are well paid on what they present for the company more than any place else. Google Company provides a unique working environment where the company’s workers spend all of their business hours. For instance, their dining time could be done at the working place since there are up to twelve restaurants available. Workers enjoy their job, and are being motivated through fitness centers, pool tables brought to their working area. Google brings laundries, barbershops, and cars washers;
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Unformatted text preview: therefore, its workers will have the ability to do many necessities for free. It allows the workers have their pets in their offices. Those practices are what make Google different than any other working place. Practices mentioned above can positively have active workers. As long as they have enjoyment in their working environment, they must be encouraged to work actively, and that what make the company. It is recognizable that it is one of the company goals. Practices help employees to be powered as well as keeping the valuable employees to be effective much than what they are. Since Google have provided those practices, many well-experienced workers might be hoping the opportunity to work at the company....
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