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Assignment 11 Stock Market Game Date Assigned: 2/26 Date Due: 5/6 Sites: 1. Sign up for a stock market simulation game at 2. In this game, you will pretend to have $200,000 to invest in the stock market for the period of 3/4 – 4/22 3. Between now and March 4 each student must research different companies in preparation for selecting several that are listed on various exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, or NASDAQ. Use and/or or various other investing sites to research your company. 4. Starting March 4, you will "invest" this $200,000 in a "portfolio". You must hold at least five different stocks at all times. Restrict your buying and selling to common stock only. 5. After March 4, you will begin trading (i.e., buying and selling stock). 6. You may only buy/sell once per day after the 4th. 7.
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