Ass.#2-Ben & Jerry

Ass.#2-Ben & Jerry - amount of money. Everyone may try our...

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Mohammed R. Alkhalifah BADM 101 February 7, 2008 Dr. Sean Morgan Have you Ever Been Hoping to Try a Special wonderful Flavor With Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream? If you have, you got what you wished. It is a flavor of two delicious fruits Mixed with vanilla’s Ben & Jerry!!! Ben & Jerry has produced the New Flavor, which includes Chico, California, 7 February, 2008 at 5:30 p.m. Consumers of ice cream can have as many samples as they can of Ben & jerry’s ice cream with our amazing new flavor. Nobody would lose anything, just try it and you are the judge. I would recommend that everyone try it, because once anyone tries it, they will fall in love with it. Starting today, on the seventh of February, in Chico, the new flavor of the ice cream is going to be available and will be tried by Ben & Jerry’s lovers. Ben & Jerry’s lovers can purchase our new product from Chico’s Ben & Jerry’s stores for a little
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Unformatted text preview: amount of money. Everyone may try our new flavor for free; therefore, everyone is able to judge our new product. Our new product is featured for two reasons. First, it’s a different flavor of ice cream, nobody has tried it before. Second, it is healthier than the other kinds of ice cream. Everyone will think Why is it Healthy ? We are here to explain and answer any question. It has been made from fresh banana juice and little pieces of fresh strawberry mixed with vanilla ice cream. As a result, it mostly contains fresh items and less preservative. About Ben & Jerry’s Ben & Jerry’s has been producing its products with high quality. They are focusing on producing ice creams, using dairy products that come from fresh milk in order to keep producing healthy products. The End…...
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Ass.#2-Ben & Jerry - amount of money. Everyone may try our...

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