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stocksquest - Mohammed Alkhalifah May 6 2008 BADM 101...

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Mohammed Alkhalifah May 6, 2008 BADM 101 Captain Morgan Trading Evaluation In the beginning of the trading, I was focusing on companies I have known they are active such as Apple, Ebay, Amazon and etc. since I have been looking up on the stock markets in the united states, I could see companies I have mentioned above were keeping raising and barely fall. I tried to have shares of stock in Apple as many as I can buy so, every two or three days I would go purchase at least a hundred shares in Apple. The reason of doing so is I recognized that when Apple produces a new item to the market, immediately Apple’s shares’ prices start to increase. Apple released thinnest notebook, MacBook Air, and updated all the notebooks in that period of time; as a result, the change of share’s price was approximately twenty dollars per share. Ebay was falling up to thirty dollars per share, and then I researched in yahoo finance and found out that Ebay had unusual action. Afterward, I bought in Ebay because it is usually active and it
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