Art & Crime - Howard Matthews...

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Howard Matthews [email protected] Art and Crime Paper and Presentation Assignments These are GENERAL guidelines and suggestions for your papers. As each paper/ presentation is different, I encourage you to contact me throughout the process to get specific feedback for your study. Paper: 6-8 pages dealing with one SPECIFIC case within one of the topics covered in class. The major categories are: 1. THEFT 2. REPATRIATION 3. VANDALISM AND RESTORATION 4. FAKES AND FORGERIES 5. CENSORSHIP AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION You will need to choose a unique topic from within these categories. One example, already covered in class, would be a case study of the theft of Vermeer’s The Concert from the Gardner museum For all the papers, you will do an analysis of the original situation by asking and answering a series of questions. These should include some of the following: 1. What happened? 2. How was the work stolen/ damaged/ removed from a country/ forged etc.? 3.
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Art & Crime - Howard Matthews...

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