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Fin-340-report 1 - today’s change rate is 2.95 We figured...

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Jenny Shen 10/11/2011 Nouf Almaleh Report # 1 Company # of Shares Closing Price Trading Price P: 1. GOOG-Google 10 shares $543.18 $508 2. AAPL-Apple 20 shares $400.29 $371.53 3. CSCO-CISO 20 shares $16.99 $16.79 4. NKE-Nike 20 shares $89.85 $88.9 Reason: 1. Google has been growing recently and is one of the active movers on Yahoo finance, so we decided to purchase 10 shares. Today’s change rate is 1.12%. Google is the biggest and well-known Search Engine Company in the world, and Google doesn’t have that much debt base on the company’s balance sheet. Therefore, we figured it would be a good stock to invest in. 2. Apple is a large and well-known company in the world. Apple was decreasing when we bought the stock because of the terrible bad news of the CEO, Steve Jobs’ death. Apple has been increasing this week from $371.53 to $ 400.29, and
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Unformatted text preview: today’s change rate is 2.95%. We figured there would be a down time after the CEO’s death, but after that time Apple will increase because of the upcoming new products on October, 14. Therefore, we decided to purchase 20 shares and we think the stock will keep going up. 3. CISO has been slowly increasing recently, and there is always a demand in wireless and Information Technology industry for nowadays society. Therefore, we invested 20 shares into CISO. 4. Nike is a large and well-known shoes company in the world. There is always a demand in shoes industry, and we figured it would be a good way to diversity our stock. Therefore, we invested 20 shares into Nike....
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