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Fin-340-report 2 - 2 AT&T is one of the biggest phone...

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Jenny Shen 10/11/2011 Nouf Almaleh Report # 2 Company # of Shares Closing Price Trading Price P: AAPL-Apple $ 419.99 1. YHOO-Yahoo,Inc 20 shares $15.86 2. T-AT&T,Inc 20 shares $29.22 3. IBM 20 shares $186.91 Reason: 1. YAHOO has been growing recently and is one of the the biggest and well-known Search Engine Company in the world, and Yahoo shares jumped more 5 percent by midday after the chairman of China's Alibaba said he's interested in buying it and Yahoo announced a news alliance with ABC News. We decided to invest 20 shares into YAHOO.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. AT&T is one of the biggest phone companies in the United States. The stock has been growing up in six months; recently Apple’s just came out new iPhon 4S and the stock is going up, therefore, we think it would be a good stock to invest in. 3. IBM is a large and well-known shoes company in the world. This company is stable and starting to gain some momentum in the technology world. Therefore, we figured it would be a good way to diversity our stock. Therefore, we invested 20 shares into IBM....
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