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2011 Campus Parking Reminder Every year campus parking can create challenges. I want to take a moment and ask for your patience during the upcoming week as we welcome back our new and returning students. Typically we issue warnings and not tickets for parking violations (except for handicapped space violations and safety violations such as parking in a fire lane) during the first week or so of the academic year. This gives students time to adjust to being back on campus, and to obtain the correct parking decals. In my experience it takes about a week to sort out the parking issues and educate our students on parking in the appropriate lots. As we do every year in preparation for our returning students we analyze our data on parking lot usage, the number and type of parking decals issued, and the total number of students coming to campus, specifically focusing on what the Residential and Commuter parking needs will be and from there we make adjustments. This year we have made the follow parking adjustment’s
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