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Growth Goals - outcome desired in the clinically based...

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“Growth Goals, Maturity, and Well-Being” I selected the article called “Growth Goals, Maturity, and Well-Being” Jack J. Bauer, a student of Northern Arizona University, and Dan P. McAdams with Northwestern University. I chose this article because I think this article was relevant to the adult social development, as well as the belief that this source was credible. The article discusses how college students and 51 adults were used in a study to be compared with two forms of personal development (social-cognitive maturity and social-emotional well- being). It talks about the how growth goals are important in the personal development in society. It also discusses ones understanding of self and those around him. It also touches basis on personality development in adults, and it talks about cognition. It also talked about psychological health and well-being and ego development and how they do measure degrees of the primary
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Unformatted text preview: outcome desired in the clinically based theories of development. Not only did this article discuss personal, social, and psychological development and growth, but it also goes into discussion about life span growth goals. I decided to go with this article because the title, “Growth Goals, Maturity, and Well-Being” first caught my attention, and once I read the abstract and the keywords ( personality development ; growth goals; maturity; well-being; exploratory goals; intrinsic goals; social-cognitive maturity; social-emotional well being; ego development ; college students; adults, I felt that I was a relevant topic to adult social development. I also read the subject; Adult Development, Emotional Maturity, Goals, Personality Development, Well-Being, College Students, Ego Development, Intrinsic Motivation, and Social Cognition, which helped me make the decision to use this particular article....
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