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Schoene Rudolph IQ Test Results After taking my test, I learned that it is pretty accurate and consistent to previous test results from taking the IQ test. I feel that because they all label me the same way, it must be my true IQ score. I feel That these tests say a lot about my ways, and they are always very consistent with my previous Characteristic results. Such as my zodiac sign “Leo”, or the latest personality test I took which found my Results being that of The “Artisan, Performer” personality traits. I would say that the test was slightly biased because it touched on only certain areas of intelligence, And I believe that people are gifted in different areas, and therefore it is unfair to assume because An individual is not accurate in the questions asked on the IQ test, they are not intelligent. An example Of this would be as follows; Even though, Steven got bad grades in school, he won an episode of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. Or even an example of a genius who goes on “Who wants to be a
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