Motivation Teams Case Study Schoene Rudolph

Motivation Teams Case Study Schoene Rudolph - Due to their...

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Motivation Teams Case Study Schoene Rudolph In the first scenario, I noticed that the owner of Two Men and a Truck seemed to have displayed self actualization . The need for her to succeed in her business helped her to deliver that same desire to the investors who franchised with her, and also the men whom worked for her on the trucks. An example of how she helped motivate her employees, through educating them with the school for training programs that she started, through opening a training center for her drivers to attend. Also she allowed the movers themselves to appear as professionals, by giving them a uniform and business cards, She was on board with her motivation theory of self actualization. To discuss some of the motivation theories found in both of these studies, the first to mention is, Needs Theory , which is clearly noticeable with the second scenario, that stated how the employees were motivated by the desire to keep the company open.
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Unformatted text preview: Due to their need and desire to keep their job, they realized that if they did not do as the owner asked of them. Not only because they would be laid off if business did not improve, but because they realized without everyone doing their part, unemployment could easily become a reality. I think this was a scare tactic used by the second scene given. It was not positive motivation for the employees in my opinion, however it worked. I noticed that both owners of these companies had one thing in common and that was the desire to succeed. I believe it was through their approach of setting up new and adhering to current processes, training, plenty of hard work such as overtime, and sacrifices, made by both that assisted in the success of both the companies. I plan to take many of these companies processes, and utitlize them as my own when opening my own business some day....
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Motivation Teams Case Study Schoene Rudolph - Due to their...

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