Code of Ethics for the Museum of Heaven and Hell

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Code of Ethics for the Museum of Heaven and Hell Employees and anyone else associated with my company will be committed to behaving in a manner that presents integrity, honesty, and the highest level of business and social practices on a daily basis. All employees are expected to act ethically and legally at all times, and to always keep the best interest of the company in mind. When conducting business, making decisions, or doing anything related to the company. Ask yourselves the following questions before proceeding; If this story hits the front page of the newspaper, would the integrity of the company be affected? Could this decision I am making, land me in jail if I am caught? What if my Grandmother or Mother hears about what I am doing, would they be disappointed by my actions? If the answer to any of the above questions is, “Yes”, then it is likely you are not doing the
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Unformatted text preview: right thing, and therefore the behavior should cease immediately. Whenever an employee or partner of this company makes decisions, they are to maintain compliance of local, state, and federal laws, as well as adhering to the company’s code of Ethics. • Perform duties in a honest and ethical manner • Handle conflicts in a professional ethical manner • All company documentation and forms are to be filled out legally, fairly, accurately, and ethically, and understandable at all times I have decided to use these code of ethics because I believe that as long as I create a mindset with my employees that exercises integrity, following all laws, treating one another fairly and that they are treated fairly in return, that business will operate much smoother and hopefully without any laws being broken....
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