FINAL EXAM - My Race in My Community Most of my community...

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My Race in My Community Most of my community is Hispanic or Caucasian, which leaves my group still just as a minority as ever in this area that I live in, Fort Myers, FL. In this community I must say that most of the black people are not treated as equals, and we are not welcomed by many from the white community, and I also believe that the black people from this area seem to have been suppressed as a result of. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Ft. Myers has 33% of black population living here, and this is surprising to me because the total Florida State black population is 14%. I notice that many black people, who are mostly Haitian, Jamaican, and African American, have been deprived of opportunities through acts of racism that takes place in this area. I have personally experienced discrimination at the work place on more than one occasions, and by more than one company. I have proved in a court of law more than once that I was discriminated against. I would have considered myself neutral regarding the topic of today’s racism and how it affects black people negatively, until I moved here, and was subjected to it first hand as recently as the past 3 years. I wonder at times, if the other black people here choose to ignore it, or if they simply do not notice it, or just have given up on fighting against it, after dealing with it for so many years. As I researched the topics, using keywords such as racism and discrimination, and equality in Fort Myers, Florida, I realized that it showed several results that confirm what I am saying are not my opinion or findings alone. One link discusses how this county still has segregated public school systems, which is a clear indicator of how racist the area is. As recently as 2007, the school system, implemented a education reform locally, that would end the area’s segregated schools, however just recently the topic resurfaced on local news channels, and told that the community does not like the desegregated schools, and that they want to vote to take things back
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My Race in My Community to the way they use to be. I have literally been standing in my daughter’s high school office, and over- heard a school teacher make the comment about a black school, referring to it as “Black
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FINAL EXAM - My Race in My Community Most of my community...

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