Summary of Immigration in America

Summary of Immigration in America - resided in one of these...

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Summary of Immigration in America I believe that it is absolutely unethical to pick and choose which groups of immigrant people are allowed to become American citizens, over others. This is considered to be a form of discrimination and it is unethical behavior from the people who makes our laws. I believe that it is sad that this actually takes place in a country that claims to represent the absolute opposite. Upon my research, it shocked me to learn that economic migrants are people are seeking a better life because they come from a very poor country with little economic opportunity. They are normally poor, and need assistance in order to survive, once they make it to the United States, and these are the groups of immigrants that our country frowns upon. Then there is what they consider as, “political refugees” whom are people from other countries who are fleeing countries from fear of political persecution. I would absolutely want to migrate to the United States if I
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Unformatted text preview: resided in one of these countries that is extremely poor and poverty stricken, and deprives its citizens of advancement or opportunity. If the United States was this kind of country, I would have left here a long time ago, to seek out a better life. I believe that the process to seek citizenship into this country is not an extremely hard or difficult process. I feel that a process is definitely necessary so that we continue to protect our country from those who have terrorizing motives. We should do this by closely monitoring who enters and exits, or who lives here. I believe that it is a human right, to be able to choose freely, where we live. I have always had the idea that this world belongs, not to man, but to the creator of it, and therefore, who are we to claims rights to it, and be able to deny other humans, their rights to live a live that is safe, healthy secure, and humane....
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