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1. Identify the problem solving technique and list the website where you found the information. 2. Write a 200+ word essay explaining why you believe your chosen technique would work well for you and how you might use the technique in a real life situation STEP 1 Problem solving technique- Is call A Simple ( Ceietific Method Of Problem Solving) Listed site is(Thought Wrestling) This is an actual situation that I experience on February 9 th 2011. I was visiting a friend house that afternoon, during my visit the unit fire alarm sounded, seconds later there were yelling and screaming, at that moment we ran to see where all the commotion was coming from. Turned out to be a grease fire in a third floor unit, the fire was restricted to the kitchen area; which I used an
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Unformatted text preview: extinguisher to put the fire out, shortly after the fire department arrived and took over from that point. As odd as it may seems this is where the actual problem began, the family that live in the unit consist of three kids under the age of six. Shortly after the situation had calm the family was told by management that they would be evicted as a result of the accidental fire. With nowhere to go and no relatives, put the family in a difficult situation. I suggested that they contact the Red Cross and the local news station, the objective was to get help with living expenses and to report the wrong doing by the managers at the apartment complex. The family also received donations from people who saw their story on television that evening....
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