Schoene's Healthy Eating Plan week 1

Schoene's Healthy Eating Plan week 1 - Schoenes Healthy...

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Schoene’s Healthy Eating Plan It was nice to learn that I can improve my health by just doing a few things differently than I have been doing. I found out that I am over weight for my height and age, however even with that being said, I am happy with my current weight, and do not wish to lose much more of it. I use to be 32 pounds heavier at one time, and over the years, due to the result of me changing my diet and lifestyle, I lost the weight. I love that I lost the weight, and although I may still be considered overweight in medical terms, I am a good size for a 40 year old black woman. My pant size is a, when it use to be a size 14, which is why I say I do not wish to lose more. That and also because in my opinion, black women my age, look better with a little meat on our bones; meat, not fat. There are many things that I learned that I can do to help maintain my current weight. According to the findings, I am 12 pounds over, which make me a higher risk for common health ailments, therefore I have decided to make changes in order to assist me in maintain my weight, while implementing a healthy eating and exercise plan. First I need to increase my grain intake, and it suggests that I make sure over half of them are whole. I really already had a feeling that I need to eat more grains, because I hardly ever eat bread or sandwiches. In order to change this, I will have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread more often than I do, because they are my favorite sandwich snacks. I am lactose intolerant, which means that I cannot eat a nice bowl of grain cereal in the mornings, which would be idea to get my needed grains. I may be able to just eat dry cereal as a snack, which is what I will also add to my diet. Therefore I will start my mornings with some type of grain such as oatmeal or dry cereal and fruit. I believe this
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Schoene's Healthy Eating Plan week 1 - Schoenes Healthy...

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