In researching the Multivitamin label found in my home

In researching the Multivitamin label found in my home -...

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Multivitamin Research In researching the Multivitamin label found in my home, I notice right away that most of the daily vitamin recommendations would be exceeded if we take the multivitamins daily. I found that vitamins such as Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin Hydrochloride), automatically would provide over the recommended doses if taken daily by the over the counter daily pills. It is only recommended that and adult takes 5mg daily of the Pantothenic Acid, and the bottle reads that one does contains 10mg, and the daily recommendation of vitamin B6 is only 1.3 to 1.7 mg, and the over the counter bottle of multivitamins contains 2mg per dose, which again is over the recommendations. I found that taking vitamins daily can actually be over-kill to the human body. I also notice lately that this very information has recently been made public by the media, because many people are being mislead to believe that they need to take multivitamins daily to get their proper nutrition’s, when indeed I believe there are proper nutrients and vitamins in our
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Unformatted text preview: food, if we eat right. There are toxins found in most vitamins that can be harmful to the body if not taken with caution. I found that B6 contains toxins such as cause nerve damage, and I also found that simple vitamins such as vitamin C can also become problematic if not taken correctly. It was news to me to find that too much vitamin C and cause distress diarrhea if not taken properly The main consequesnces of vitamin D toxicity is buildup of calcium in the blood, which in causes symptoms such as: • Vomiting • Polyuria (frequent urination) • Weight loss • Poor appetite • Constipation • Weakness Multivitamin Research • Heart rhythm abnormalities • Kidney stones Many times we assume we are doing the right thing by making sure we take our daily vitamins, when facts show, that most times, we can make sure we get them through a balanced nutritious diet. References: Sci/241 Chapter 8 and 9...
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In researching the Multivitamin label found in my home -...

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