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After doing my three day activity tracker

After doing my three day activity tracker - body I do not...

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Three Day Activity Analysis After doing my three day activity tracker, I found that I am active, however, I would benefit from implementing at least fifteen minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise daily. The work that I do, requires me to move around, lift heavy objects, bend, reach, push, and pull the whole time I am working, therefore I do get quite a work out daily from that alone. I do however; still see room for improvement in the area of exercise and working out. I believe the best exercise for me would be riding a bike, because I have my legs to get back into shape. Many years ago, I was a track and field star athlete and had a very athletic and fit
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Unformatted text preview: body. I do not expect to be that high school girl again; however, I do see my muscles coming back if I do the right things to build them up. My husband and I have been talking about buying bikes, and I believe this will be the best thing for me and my leg goal. I broke my right leg in 2008, and I was off of it for weeks, therefore I lost almost all of the muscle in that leg. I then hurt the left leg because I had that leg doing all of the work, without even realizing it. Bike riding is year round in the state I live in (Florida), and also considered to be fun to my husband and me. I believe this will help me to get to my size....
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