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Ma Xiaoxuan - Xiaoxuan(Paul Ma 30 Newport Pkwy#2102 Jersey...

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Xiaoxuan (Paul) Ma 30 Newport Pkwy #2102, Jersey City, NJ 07310 USA Tel: (917)755-0192, Email: [email protected] EDUCATION NEW YORK UNIVERSITY New York, NY The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences MS in Mathematics in Finance (expected January 2012) Financial theory covering both sell- and buy-side strategies such as interest rate and FX models, CAPM, modern portfolio theory, time series analysis, algorithmic trading, continuous-time finance Computational techniques include C++, VBA, R and Matlab to implement pricing models and market portfolio strategies, Monte-Carlo and PDE simulations ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE (August 2010) Palaiseau, France Diplôme d’ingénieur ( BS and MS) Coursework: Process and estimations, Monte-Carlo simulations, Probability and randomness, Numerical analysis and optimization, Macro- and Micro-economics, Computational fluid mechanics Research Projects: Stochastic volatility and hedging strategies, Time series in stochastic volatility models,
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