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Cao-Chunan-(Derrick)-CV - Derrick(Chunan Cao Bendheim...

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Derrick (Chunan) Cao Bendheim Center for Finance, 26 Prospect Ave. Princeton, NJ, 08540 [email protected] EDUCATION PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Princeton, NJ Expected 2012 Master in Finance Fellowship Recipient Current Coursework: Financial Investments, Asset Pricing, Modern Regression and Time Series, Options, Futures and Financial Derivatives , Mergers and Acquisitions GRE (2008): Quantitative 800/800(94 th percentile), Verbal 750/800(99), Writing 5.5/6(92) GMAT (2009): Quantitative 51(98), Verbal 47(99), Total 780(99) UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2005 2009 Honours B.S with High Distinction in Financial Economics Dean’s List - CGPA 3.91/4.00, Human Biology Minor Queen Elizabeth Aiming for the Top Scholarship 2006, 2007, 2008 The Nanda Choudhry Prize in Economics 2008 New College In-Course Scholarship 2006, 2007 CFA INSTITUTE Level III Candidate. Passed Level I and Level II on the first attempt EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Research Assistant Bank of Canada, International Economic Analysis, Ottawa, ON 2009 2010
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