bft - A definition The Byzantine Generals Problem Leslie...

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The Byzantine Generals Problem Leslie Lamport, Robert Shostak, and Marshall Pease ACM TOPLAS 1982 Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance Miguel Castro and Barbara Liskov OSDI 1999 A definition • Byzantine ( 1: of, relating to , or characteristic of the ancient city of Byzantium 4b: intricately involved : labyrinthine <rules of Byzantine complexity> • Lamport’s reason: “I have long felt that, because it was posed as a cute problem about philosophers seated around a table, Dijkstra's dining philosopher's problem received much more attention than it deserves.” ( Byzantine Generals Problem • Concerned with (binary) atomic broadcast – All correct nodes receive same value – If broadcaster correct, correct nodes receive broadcasted value • Can use broadcast to build consensus protocols (aka, agreement) – Consensus: think Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) Paxos Synchronous Asynchronous Fail-stop Byzantine Synchronous, Byzantine world
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Cool note Example Byzantine fault-tolerant system: ! Seawolf submarine ’s control system Sims, J. T. 1997. Redundancy Management Software Services for Seawolf Ship Control System . In Proceedings of the 27th international Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing (FTCS '97) (June 25 - 27, 1997). FTCS. IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, 390. But it remains to be seen if commodity distributed systems are willing to pay to have so many replicas in a system Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance: Asynchronous, Byzantine Synchronous Asynchronous Fail-stop Byzantine Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance •Why async BFT? BFT: – Malicious attacks, software errors – Need N-version programming? – Faulty client can write garbage data, but can’t make system inconsistent (violate operational semantics) •Why async? – Faulty network can violate timing assumptions – But can also prevent liveness [For different liveness properties, see, e.g., Cachin, C., Kursawe, K., and Shoup, V. 2000. Random oracles in constantipole: practical asynchronous Byzantine agreement using cryptography (extended abstract). In Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing
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bft - A definition The Byzantine Generals Problem Leslie...

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