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BIOLOGY 180 iii SPRING 2011 Biology 180 Course Policies Welcome to Biology 180! This class is the first in a three-quarter sequence designed primarily for majors in Biology and related departments. The sequence introduces fundamental concepts in the biological sciences and provides a foundation for upper division courses. The sequence courses are: Biology 180: Evolution, Mendelian genetics, Biodiversity, Ecology Biology 200: Cell biology, Molecular biology, Animal development Biology 220: Animal and Plant structure and function, Plant development Biology 180 introduces the process of evolution, the rules of genetic inheritance, and describes how organisms interact with other organisms and with their environment. It also explores how humans impact ecosystems, and why ecologists are concerned about the future of natural systems. The information, concepts, and analytical thinking introduced in lecture provide a unifying framework for the topics covered in Biology 200 and 220. To complement the lectures, Biology 180 labs will help you to develop skills in experimental design and data analysis. We hope you’ll find Biology 180 enlightening, stimulating, challenging, and fun. Course Website, GoPost, and Email Course website The Biology 180 course website is: The home page provides links to some or all of the following (varies by quarter): professor and TA contact information; course GoPost; syllabus; lecture outlines; study questions; and interesting course-related websites. The “Other Information” page offers expanded explanations of many of the topics covered in this manual. Review it early in the quarter, then return when you need more information. Email and email professioinalism Many class announcements are made via email rather than in lecture. Be sure to monitor your UW email regularly. If you use a non-UW email account, be sure to forward UW messages to your other account. The professors, coordinator, and TAs receive thousands of student email messages each quarter. Our ability to reply promptly and accurately is greatly improved when student messages follow professional standards for clear, concise communication. Here are some suggestions: Before sending a message, check this course manual, the course website, and the GoPost. If the answer to your question is already in one of those sources, we may not reply to your message. Use your UW email account. If you choose to use a non-UW email account, then use the same non-UW account for all messages throughout the quarter. Messages from different accounts will appear to have come from different senders, making it difficult for us to locate other messages from you. Use a specific and detailed subject line. Avoid replying to an unrelated or distantly-related message.
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Course_Policies - Biology 180 Course Policies Welcome to...

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