Practice test 1 - Practice Test 1 Please note: The...

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Practice Test 1 Please note: The following are questions taken from a previous test. This is to give you an example of what an actual test will be like. The real exams will have 50 questions, plus 2 bonus questions. This practice exam is NOT a comprehensive measure of every topic that will be on the actual exam. For a comprehensive list of exam topics, please see the posted exam review sheet. 1. According to the textbook, the influx of which of the following ions causes synaptic vesicles to rupture and release neurotransmitter? A) chloride B) calcium C) potassium D) sodium E) organic anions 2. Which of the following is true about the origin of neurons in the brain? A) Throughout life, our we continually lose and replace all of our neurons. B) We are born with the exact number of neurons we will ever need. C) We are born with the basic neurons we will need for early life, and add more neurons throughout the lifespan. D) We are born with many more neurons than we will ever need, and these are carefully pruned down to those that will be used. E) New neurons are only created in the adult brain when they are needed to replace those that are lost to damage or disease. 3. Which of the following structures is NOT involved in the production of motor behaviors? A) Basal ganglia B) Cerebellum C) Red nucleus
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D) Cingulate cortex E) Precentral gyrus 4. Inflammation in the brain occurs when: A) astrocytes collect to form a scar over a damaged region of brain or spinal cord. B)
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Practice test 1 - Practice Test 1 Please note: The...

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