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Assignment 1 – Staffing Prepared by Venk Seealm Reviewed by Darlene Wardlaw Date: January 2, 2012 To: Darlene Wardlaw From: Venk Seelam, CPA Subject: Staffing Requirements Based on the information reviewed in the Apollo Shoes minutes of the board of directors, 10-K, and other documents, I believe that the audit team will require the following specialized expertise: Special expertise in Apollo's business and products is not necessary because they are ordinary shoes which do not require any specialty for buildup, especially complex materials such as rubber in their material accounting, so no special review is necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: We will need auditors with general retail and wholesale experience who should be able to understand and work with special demands. The audit team will need to have some special expertise in three areas which are the following: The tax personnel on our team should know how to prepare the state franchise tax return Our information systems analyst has the expertise to analyze any complex data from Apollo Shoes computer servers. Auditors with SEC knowledge and experience will need to participate for the purpose of SEC filing...
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