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1 GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY (San Francisco) ACCTG 300 – ACCOUNTING RESEARCH AND COMMUNICATION Fall B 2011 Instructor: Rodney W. Hurd, C.P.A. When: Office Hours by Appointment Contact : e-mail: [email protected] ; office phone: (415) 321-3270; cell: (415) 307-3011 Required Online Access and Text : FASB Accounting Standards Codification TM Professional View (“Codification”). Students will conduct the majority of their research work using the online version of the Codification. Students will have free access to the Codification through the Accounting Academic Access portal ( ). If a student has not obtained the login access codes from the School of Accounting, students should send an email to the instructor requesting these codes. Text: May, Claire B. and Gordon S. Effective Writing: A handbook for accountants . New Jersey: Simon & Schuster Company, 9th ed., 2012. The instructor will also distribute handouts and refer students to websites throughout the semester. Course Description: Reviews structured approaches and strategies (collectively, “professional tools”) designed to improve student effectiveness in accounting research, critical thinking, and communication. This course uses “real world” case studies to place accounting issues in a contemporary business context and to develop student expertise in the application of professional tools. Written assignments will emphasize issue identification, review and assessment of alternatives, understanding the “why” behind the rules/principles, and communicating findings and conclusions to different audiences. Oral assignments will involve question and answer sessions, individual presentations, and group projects to simulate work place activities. This course will incorporate certain international accounting standards to highlight areas of convergence and divergence with US GAAP. Course Objectives : 1. Improve research effectiveness by exposure to and use of structured, client-focused research approaches. Students will apply a five-step research process to locate the relevant GAAP and to effectively communicate research results. Emphasis will be placed on locating the underlying rationale (the “why”) for the appropriate accounting treatment. 2. Improve problem solving and audience awareness through case study assignments. Case studies will provide "real life" problem-solving experiences where students must recommend a course of action when no exact answer may be available or conclusive and where recommendations may prompt conflict and controversy. 3. Improve effective writing skills by (a) learning how to select and properly use the appropriate format (e.g., memo-to-file, letter-to-client) and (b) learning how to employ structured techniques to unify the writing and make the writing clear, concise and readable. Emphasis will be placed on client-focused writing, which generally involves writing in “plain English.”
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2 4. Improve oral communication skills through open classroom discussions and individual
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syllabus - GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY(San Francisco ACCTG 300...

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