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Daughter and Falcon - feathery feathers All the credit goes...

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Daughter and Falcon The Falcon’s lover has left him for a (beepin) kite!! Hence Falcon is alludes to Paris of Troy & Jason, who were both were unfaithful people with multiple facades. Love is truly blinding I guess. Our interpretation The Arabian knight expects a favor in return, that’s the only reason he presents him with such valuables. It’s all about the power in dem guns baby! The falcon will lead the rest of her life in misery, since a kite was more appalling than his
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Unformatted text preview: feathery feathers All the credit goes to: • I would like to thank my family & friends…. What the?? • Amanjot - Black mamba……. .The Mirror Cleaner • Kamal- Sexy turban ………. .Producer • Dominic- Rice picker………SpotBOy! • Christian- Snape • Nathan- The Wise Wizard of Lolla Land Special Thanks! • Sunny Hundal- Our Majestical Director...
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