Hist 17C American People-Reading Notes

Hist 17C American People-Reading Notes - The American...

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The American Promise: A History of the United States Chapter 23: From New Era to the Great Depression 1920-1932 Page 718-740 THE NEW ERA 1920’s o Henry Ford as an American hero Created over 6 million automobiles They were basic, reliable, and inexpensive Model T His automobile plants made him a billionaire o Ford and other business men like him replaced political reformers such as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson as models of progress. The New Era o Revival of free-enterprise individualism helped make the 20’s a time of contradiction and doubt o Energy flowed away from civic reform to private economic endeavors o “New Era” Rise of freewheeling economy and a heightened sense of individualism Dubbed by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover Describing the 1920’s Other names to describe the spirited energy and cultural changes of the 1920’s: o Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, Flaming Youth, Age of the Flapper o Dollar Decade, Golden Twenties, Prosperity Decade, Lawless Decade The business aspect of America was business o Men and women bought into the idea that business and its wonderful products was what made America great; snatched up American products o American consumerism increased A Business Government o Republicans controlled the White House (1921-1933) o 3 Republican Presidents: Harding, Hoover, and Coolidge o Pres. Warren Harding Appointed conservatives on merit of friendships Pushed measures to aid American enterprise and regain national prosperity Tariffs to protect American businesses Price supports for agriculture “Teapot Dome”- synonym for political corruption o Pres. Calvin Coolidge Continues and extended Harding’s policies of promoting businesses and limiting gov’t Gov’t control reduced over economy
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Against Closed Shops ( businesses where only union members could be employed) Promoting Prosperity & Peace Abroad o US emerged from WWI with its economy intact and enjoyed a decade of sunning growth o NY replaced London as the center of world finance; US became world’s chief creditor o o Five Power Naval Treaty of 1922 First major effort towards world peace Reduction of naval forces The world’s greatest success in disarmament Fostered international peace, helping to make the world a safer place for American trade o Kellogg-Briand pact of 1928 ~50 nations signed a pledge to renounce war and settle disputes peacefully o Dawes Plan of 1924 Germany wasn’t meeting financial agreement of Versailles treaty so the US helped; halved the annual reparation payments and gave loans to Germany This got money flowing in Germany’s market and US continued to exercise economic and diplomatic influences abroad and helped fuel prosperity at home. Automobiles, Mass Production, and Assembly0Line progress
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Hist 17C American People-Reading Notes - The American...

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