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Hist 17C Lec 4.06.11

Hist 17C Lec 4.06.11 - Hist 17C Lecture The Second New Deal...

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Hist 17C Lecture 4/06/2011 The “Second New Deal” & The Collapse of World Order FDR & the New Deal o Did not in itself end the great depression o Did gain enthusiasm within the people Themes o New deal isn’t living up to its promise o 1930’s Sponsoring a second wave of reforms Second New Deal Some historians dispute that Didn’t solve the problem of the GRea Depression Did solidify FDR’s hold on the American people o International problem Another major war 1934 & 1935 o Unemployment still very high o Challenging New Deals Challenges to New Deal-mid 1930’s o From Conservatives American Liberty League got very negative publicity for FDR new deal was just wasting money “Popular Front” o Cooperate with elements that anti-fascist o FDR = antifascist American communist party enjoyed some sort of power in that time Challenges to New Deal o 1934 Novelist Upton Sinclair Program had a lot of socialist elements Interesting campaign that looked to the future, but did not succeed His campaign did gain a lot of attention and posed challenges to the New Deal o 3 figures that posed the biggest problems to FDR’s New Deal Francis Townsend Spent money in full each month to stimulate economy Made people over certain age to retire Townsend club’s Charles Coughlin Radio program used as a platform to comment on public affairs
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Depression caused by bankers; especially the ones who owned the federal reserve banks Called for the dismantling of the federal reserve Initially supported FDR but turned because FDR didn’t support Coughlin’s idea
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