Hist 17C Lec 4.11

Hist 17C Lec 4.11 - Hist 17 C 4.11 World War II & the...

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Hist 17 C 4.11 Hyper-patriotism and suppression of dissent during WWI Lyndon B. Johnson o Vietnam o Wanted to improve social safety net o Attention got diverted when VN War came Theme: o To what extent did American involvement in WWII hinder/help the drive for liberal reform at home? o Both made very extensive gains early on in the war o Obtained huge swatches of land o Wanted to convince their adversaries to negotiate so that they keep the land that they got during the war Allies didn’t want that; fought till they lost everything. War on fighting for a settlement between the two groups Allied Offensives: o 1942-1943: North African and Italian campaigns o 1944: invasion of Normandy, FR Cross channel invasion Moved down into the rest of France to take Paris Germany o 1943-1944: Soviet occupation of E. Europe o !945- Soviet advanced into Germany From east and west Germany is being impacted Eventual surrender o 1942-1945: Conquest of Japan-held area 1945- US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki The Home Front o US involvement in WWII ended the economic depression because it required high level of gov’t spending; which stimulated the US economy US federal gov’t spent the most they ever have during the war Wider taxation but still ended the depression o 8 million unemployed to 1 million after the war o Revenue Act of 1942 Imposed new tax burden on middle / working class
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Hist 17C Lec 4.11 - Hist 17 C 4.11 World War II & the...

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