Hist 17C Lecture 3.30

Hist 17C Lecture 3.30 - Hist 17C 3/30/2011 The Twenties...

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Hist 17C 3/30/2011 The Twenties 1920- senate rejected treaty of Versailles 1919- companies took back concessions granted to workers during war, provoking waves of strikes throughout the country o Labor had leverage during war; but after need for labor diminished o Strikes put down by state militia troops and companies 1919-1920- spike in anti-radical and anti-immigrant sentiment o Wilson admin launched administrative attempts to stop strikes o “palmer raids” resulted in thousands of arrests and hundreds of deportations “the red summer of 1919” o Returning black veterans and African Americans generally subjected to violence and repression (after the war) o Both version of race riots were put down by police o Black people were disproportionately punished by police o Blacks had hopes for better future upon their return form war 1920- presidential candidate o Harding won- promised a return to normalcy Interpreted as Wilsons foreign policy The twenties o Aka: The new era, jazz age, roaring twenties, the depression decades Some see it as conservative era some the opposite and filled with bigotry o “old America” White protestant old stock Americans who lived on small farms and towns o “new America” Free spending, open to experimentation, similar to America of today. o Collision of the two Americas is what makes up the 20’s Hard to tell which vision of America was prevailing o Rapid tech changes Appliances: refrigerators, washers, automobiles (25% at beginning & 60% at the end) Transformed how families went on vacation and people related to one another
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Hist 17C Lecture 3.30 - Hist 17C 3/30/2011 The Twenties...

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