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Hist 17C Lecture 5.04

Hist 17C Lecture 5.04 - Hist 17C Lecture 5.04.2011 Black...

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Hist 17C Lecture 5.04.2011 Black Power and the Decline of the Civil Rights Movement Themes: In the late 1960’s many black civil rights activists lost faith in purely nonviolent movements Shift brought enormous psychological and cultural benefits but it also alienated many white Americans and helped weaken the political coalition that sustained the democratic party Voting Rights act of 1965 profoundly transformed Southern Politics ½ a million blacks in south have registered to vote Increase in blacks held positions in office Paradox of success: anti-civil rights violence was so brutal that many CR activists lost faith in integration o Dick Gregory o SNCC’s interracial heritage Believed that the whites involved in civil rights movement controlled the movement White activists took command of the black movement parties; blacks felt they needed to regain control in SNCC Spring 1966- Stokely Carmichael replaced John Lewis as SNCC chairman More blunt to white racial violence June 1966- James Meredith began one-man mach from Memphis, TN toJackson, Ms “Meredith March” o Retracing the route of the Freedom Riders Purpose: encourage voter registration in MS On second day of the march was shot and wounded by a Klansman MLK and Carmichael w/ hundreds of activists vowed to finish his march to MS MLK and Carmichael had different opinions ; different ways of activism SNCC Blacks should ban with blacks Whites should ban together with whites o Even if the issues were the same Dramatic drop in white support for SNCC SNCC- voted to expel all white members in SNCC Shift of focus form formal to informal discrimination from South to North o Generating less support from white American o Blacks were confined to ghettos, minimal education, and few employment opportunities o North had to sacrifice more blacks in their midst
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Therefore whites became less sympathetic and increases alienation of blacks MLK’s Chicago Campaign- August 1966 o Called for blacks to demand jobs and better housing o Mayor of Chicago Went through the motions of talking to MLK with no intentions of facing
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Hist 17C Lecture 5.04 - Hist 17C Lecture 5.04.2011 Black...

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