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Hist 17C Lecture 5.09

Hist 17C Lecture 5.09 - Hist 17C Lecture 5.09.2011 The...

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Hist 17C Lecture 5.09.2011 The Women’s Movement Also referred to as the 2 nd wave of feminism Gay Rights Movement o Late 1960’s- early 1970’s o Simultaneously with the women’s movement o conditions for gays and lesbians in 50’s and 60’s: Severe social stigma, threat of job loss, laws against homosexual conduct Could be sentenced to prison term for homosexual conduct o “Homophile” Groups “Weren’t gay” but fighting for gay rights Mattachine Society – fighting for gay men Daughters of Bilitis – fighting for lesbians Confined themselves to publishing journals and articles Moves into the political arena in the mid 1960’s o Mattachine Society members picketing the White House (1965) Fairly elitist, white dominated, worried about people that are hired by the gov’t o “Stonewall Riots” NYC (1969) Drag queens and gay men that fought back against the police Galvanizes a new gay movement People started to come out as gay Talking about gay liberation o Gay Liberation Front Broad based See themselves as the general left Fighting against the war, racism, etc o Gay Activist Alliance Based in NY Much more focused, single issue alliance Only focused on gay issues and discrimination o Gayness considered a sickness back then Psychiatrist cleared their title Gayness no longer a sickness o Divisions between drag queens and more conventional gays, also lesbians and gay men Lesbians gravitated towards the women’s movement Women’s Movement Themes: mid-1960s two distinct forms of feminism emerged: mainstream version concerned mainly with women’s economic and professional advancement and participation in political life and a more radical version concern with challenging….
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Two strands were sometimes mutually antagonistic in the early 1970s mainstream feminism incorporated many different forms. .. American women in the 1950’s o Could vote due to 19 th amendment o Faced widespread discrimination o Newspaper ads were discriminated by sex o Banks denied women loans/ credit cards o In some state women couldn’t serve on juries o Women weren’t elected officials o If a women was raped, then she was blamed for it
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