Hist 17C Lecture 5.25

Hist 17C Lecture 5.25 - Hist 17C Lecture 5.25.2011 The...

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Hist 17C Lecture 5.25.2011 The Clinton Years o Final Review o Prepare for all 4 essay questions o After Gulf War o Saddam Hussein remained in power in Baghdad o Even though Iraq was weakened by the war, US chose not to support the Saddam ended up crushing the two rebellions in the North and South Thereby, asserting his power o US behavior during and after the Gulf War alienated Osama bin Laden o During the Afghan war; the US supported the resistance against the Soviet US supported Osama; who helped against the Soviet Union 1989- Bin Laden had formed al-Qa’ida (the base) Used as a force to confront other foes o Early 1990’s o Bin Laden turned against Saudi regime because it allowed US troops to occupy Saudi Arabia o Deeply alienated Muslims o Saudi Arabia contained the two most holy places Outraged that the US had stationed troops on Saudi soil o Osama moved to Sudan and began sponsoring anti-US attacks Here he planned attacks against his enemies o First attack against the World Trade Center February 1993 Van filled with explosive killed 6 ppl and wounded over 1000 Substantial and disturbing event o The Clinton Years o Themes: Bill Clinton was an extraordinarily gifted politician, but his conduct in the presidency (both public and private) left him in a poor position to reverse the conservative tide that had swept the nation since 1980, or to keep the white house in democratic hands after he left office in 2001 o Clintons conduct in office also made it harder for the US to responded
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Hist 17C Lecture 5.25 - Hist 17C Lecture 5.25.2011 The...

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