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History 17C Final Exam Study Guide - History 17C Final Exam...

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History 17C Final Exam Study Guide Relevant dates Context Significance o Think of it as who, what, where, when, and why does it matter John Dean (1973) A White House counsel under President Nixon that described projects to harass “enemies” through tax audits and other illegal means and associated the president in efforts to cover up the Watergate break-in. Said to be the master manipulator of the cover-ups. He is an important person because due to his confession and cooperation to plead guilty to obstruction of justice for the Watergate scandal, it proved that the Nixon administration was guilty. 17 th Parallel (1954) The demarcation line that portioned VN; separating North VN which is Vietminh/Viet Cong from the puppet gov’t established by the French in South VN. This was decided at the Geneva Accords in 1954. 1976, the line was made unnecessary because South VN surrendered to North VN. Important because it was the first major US loss, cost US a lot financially, and mainly because communism won. Jackson State (May 14 th 1970) Hundreds of African American Students at this university protesting against the VN war was shot at, killing 2 black students. Police claimed there was a sniper on the roof and that the students provoked them, after FBI investigated, there really wasn’t any. The Commission on Campus Unrest found that the shootings by the police were unreasonable and unjustified. This protest followed Kent State University’s which gained national attention. Eugene McCarthy (election of 1968) A Democratic Party presidential candidate for the election of 1968. He was an antiwar candidate that was beaten by VP Hubert Humphrey 3-1 for the nomination. A number of anti-war college students came to support McCarthy’s campaign. Hippies also came and some chose to cut off their beards and hair to campaign for McCarthy; which got the slogan “Get Clean for Gene”. Important because due to McCarthy’s refusal to share the podium w/Humphrey ended in a bitter split between within the party. “Zero Option” (1986) The name given to an American proposal for the withdrawal of all Soviet and US intermediate- range nuclear missiles from Europe. Reagan proposed this, saying he wouldn’t the US’ missiles if the Soviets would remove their missiles targeting Western Europe. Important/significant because it became the basis for the Intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty, it also was one of the first steps towards ending the cold war, and it later called for the ban of nuclear weapons everywhere. John Yoo (????) Former official in the US Department of Justice during the George W. Bush’s administration. He is known for being the author of the torture memos.
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The Feminine Mystique (1963) Gave name to the idealization of women’s domestic roles in the 1950’s. Criticized others for pressuring women to seek fulfillment in serving others. Believed women were just as capable as men to do any type of work. Not many women challenged the feminine mystique.
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History 17C Final Exam Study Guide - History 17C Final Exam...

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