History 17C Lecture 5.18

History 17C Lecture 5.18 - History 17C Lecture 5.18.2011...

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History 17C Lecture 5.18.2011 Reagan’s America Themes: Much as FDR did with 1930’s; Regan stamped his character on the 1980’s FDR & Regan were also similar bc they were presidents when hey country was in a sense of doubt o Each boosted American’s confidence amid crisis o Differences: Regan came to Washington with fixed small ideological principles Gov’t was too big was one of them and Washington’s role in the economy was intrusive Regan o Weakness: ignorance, lack of curiosity, unwillingness to face reality Ex. Samuel Pierce Only black person in his cabinet Cases of nuclear war were exaggerated Had cancer; but said he didn’t said he had something cancerous inside of him Unwilling to face AIDS epidemic; homelessness of many o Strength: ability to connect with people, instill confidence in the public; known as great communicator Regan’s movie roles o Family: Father was an alcoholic; so he had a radar for moods and access the people around him Ex. Of his radar: with Mikhail Gorbachev he believed wasn’t trying to fool the US o Kept short hours, had long naps, took vacations on the job o Supply-side economics Whenever a political policy went sour; the advisor of the subject was to blame “the Troika” o James Baker, Edwin Meese, and Michael Deaver o Coordinated the various branches of gov’t that implemented Regan’s policies o Three priorities: Economic Recovery Tax cut would stimulate economic activity
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History 17C Lecture 5.18 - History 17C Lecture 5.18.2011...

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